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Markus markus at
Wed Nov 14 01:39:42 PST 2001

Hi ALFS group

Not too confident with ALFS as it is today, I began to think about it myself. As Jay Bennie, I would like to include some more features (especially his points c, d and e, but I'm not sure if I understand everything clearly). Dreaming of the perfect ALFS I began to write some xml profiles and some C source. I called the whole thing bgALFS. And I feel it's time to publish it as it is NOW. Please take a look at: 

You will mainly find some thoughts and proposals for new features and some xml files... Feel free to ignore it, but every other reaction is appreciated, too! Especially creative critism.



(P.S. My native language is german, so please excuse all the minor and major errors you will find. Also my naming sheme probably isn't too clever.. But at least I'm always ready to change to the better solution.)
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