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Tue Nov 13 09:44:39 PST 2001

Hi im relativ new to alfs (set up my new server with alfs )  but i have a
view  questions  on ALFS  if it  is planned to be implemented or if it will
never be implemented or  if it is already implemented but i didnt find it
*g* ?

Im wondern  if  there are posibilitys to  define dependencies  between
packages so for example u need openssl if u wana install openssh .
Another thing im wondering about is, is that   ALFS is realy a  kwel thing
to set up a new  lfs system but  would not there also be much potential to
setup up deinstallation routines or  update Routines.   I mean  why  should
a so great system be just used to install a system but not to update  a
complete system.
If im wrong please tell me ;)
Another thing to  the  Error Problem  as descriped so that u cant do much
more than  stopping and Reporting the Error.
Well u can do more .   The System can  try to undo  the things  it did so
that  in the worst case just the software isnt installed.

For the Client/ Server Modell.
I think another  realy important  thing here should also be a type of
automaticly communication beteween the Client (the maschiene where u have
all the  xml profile stuff) and  Internet Server with  the Software (if u
want and if there is one defined) so that there can be done semi-automaticly

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