A bad thing about ALFS in c

Felipe Contreras al593181 at mail.mty.itesm.mx
Sat Nov 3 23:11:36 PST 2001

Hi ALFSers,

I've been working hardly on my project that somewhat is similar to ALFS,
it's based on shell scripts with little c code in order to handle xml.

Well, to the point, when I was trying to get my bash code into c I found
a really bad thing about interacting with bash. Basically you can say to
bash to execute commands in very different ways, some nicer than others,
but the point is that you can't never know the status of some command,
you can know the status of the whole shell but not where it failed or
anything. If you really want to interact with bash you need to create
something called a coshell, which is basically implement gross hacks in
the shell commands in order to report the status somewhere, so imho it's
not good.

I'm not sure if you understood this, but the point is that the whole
ALFS can get stuck if you don't want to touch bash shell scripting, you
probably will need to.

I'm pretty sure that's why nALFS code can't simply execute a complete
setup, just separeted steps. If it can do it withouth using bash
scripting then please tell me how, but I think it can't be done.

To take a look on how I've been doing things will bash and little c,
please go to http://sourcer.sourceforge.net, any feedback will be
appreciated as usual, or might be more :)

Felipe Contereas
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