Semi-automated scripts that I threw together

Thien Vu thien_vu at
Sat Nov 3 16:03:05 PST 2001

I haven't actually look at the work put into naLFS, but I just wanted to 
throw some stuff out that I put together that semi-automates LFS.

The basic premise is pretty simple some initial variables such as
PROG, VER, FILE, DIR are set.

Then the LFS stuff is run.

Then the source and/or compilation directories are erased.

Installtion is not all automatic yet, but I can't imagine things being too 
far from it. To run it, it goes something like:

$ bash 001create-dirs
$ bash 002copying-source
$ bash 003bash

There are a couple of version changes that I would like to put out:

Since this is hosted on DSL, I'm only including the scripts and 
configuration files. The package changes above, you have to get on your own.

Feedback for this would be great!

Thien Vu

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