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Tue May 15 23:00:44 PDT 2001

On Tue May 15, 2001 at 10:54:27PM -0700, the boisterous
Andrew Craven <ac_ml at>
wrote to me:
> Are you sure? Although I know very little about syslinux, it seems to me like it
> has passed the bootloader part of the process and this is a problem with the
> kernel. The "Uncompressing linux, booting the kernel..." message is from the
> kernel iirc, therefore I doubt it is to do with the bootloader.

You're absolutely right.

> I tend to agree with Dean and think this is an issue with compiling on a
> different processor.


> Just to note, if I remember correctly, the kernel boot process up to that
> message is all written in assembly, and therefore wouldnt be affected by
> compiling for a different processor. After that, the kernel boot proper, is
> written in C, and will be affected. Does anyone care to comment on this theory?

Right. Math in C is (compression stuff) processor optimized -> i386 for kernel.

A quit recompile should do it.

Sorry, but I thought this was a syslinux message... %-), but after grepping
/usr/src/linux, I found it.

so long

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