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Andy ac_ml at
Thu May 10 10:08:43 PDT 2001

> On Thursday 10 May 2001 15:53, you wrote:
> > > 5. additional programs needed? I added wget, ftp, openssh ircii
> >
> > Haven't checked it out yet (DL'ing now, was in NYC yesterday) but,
> > tftp?, how about lynx/links/w3m?
> Hmm /me not being a fan of telnet I left it out. Should it be in???
> tftp? what for? /me confused...
> lynx/links/w3m was considered, just not added this time. What is
> favorite?

I don't know about tftp, but telnet will be handy. Some cheap web hosts only
allow telnet access, and as Claudio said it is a very handy debugging tool.
Is there a reason to exclude it?

What about nsftp too? :)

I use lynx, but I havent tried the rest. It's nice to have a web browser
wherever you go :)


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