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Jason Gurtz jason at
Thu May 10 08:53:14 PDT 2001

> 5. additional programs needed? I added wget, ftp, openssh ircii

Haven't checked it out yet (DL'ing now, was in NYC yesterday) but, telnet?,
tftp?, how about lynx/links/w3m?

> 8. What else is missing?

As usual, I'll test on a wide variety of platforms.  Dunno if I still have
any 486 MB's laying around, but if I do, should I bother throwing one
togeather to see if it works  or are we strictly pentium and above (586+)?
Also, the g/f has a thinkpad that's (IIRC) pentium but has only 16MB, would
this be a good low memory situation test, or is that so low as to be out of
the question?


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