alfs iso

Bryan Dumm bryan at
Wed May 9 01:53:40 PDT 2001


I would like to get some comments and further review before I 
put this up on the alfs ftp site.

This is a bootable LFS2.4.4 cd with ALFS installed and ready to
go. I've used it to build one box myself, so it works :) 

I would like to see if we can improve the cd as much as possible

Some ideas

1. New cp/mv method with tmpfs instead of tar.gz/ramfs
2. More profiles
3. Changes of ALFS-other/ programs and their intergration into cvs
4. initrd.gz improvments - inside of isolinux/
5. additional programs needed? I added wget, ftp, openssh ircii
6. Are all the lfs-sources programs distributable, what else do we need to?
7. Should we have lfs-sources at all?
8. What else is missing?

BTW the iso is about 200mb


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