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Jason Gurtz jason at
Fri Jun 29 15:14:16 PDT 2001

>   I suppose all reports should go to the mailing list.  Who is in
> charge of updating the CVS tree ?  Is there somewhere a manual
> keeping track of the idea being discussed ?
> (If not, I'd be willing to do that).

basicaly just the mailing list archives

>   Last question : I think I understood all "programming" is done
> in Perl.  Is that right ?  (I know, it is in the archives, but I
> havent read them yet.  I dont know Perl at all yet.
> Is it hard to learn ?  (Coming from Dephi, Java, C, SmallTalk, bash, ...)

Actually, AFAIK, the new code will be written in C.  All the gory details
are in the archives you've probable just started to read  :)


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