New to ALFS

Lederrey Guillaume GLederrey at
Fri Jun 29 15:06:22 PDT 2001

>We are in the process of redesigning everything and starting From
>Scratch(tm), so there's lots todo, allthough most of it isn't defined

  Good for me !  I'm not too late to join the Team !

>That should be fixed soon (list of TODO's that is) allthough the easist
>way to help out right now, is to try what has been done before (eg, keep
>reading) and report back what you find, what you like, what you hate,
>etc.. we are mostly talking about syntax right now, etc..

  I suppose all reports should go to the mailing list.  Who is in charge of updating the CVS tree ?  Is there somewhere a manual keeping track of the idea being discussed ?  
(If not, I'd be willing to do that).

  Last question : I think I understood all "programming" is done in Perl.  Is that right ?  (I know, it is in the archives, but I havent read them yet.  I dont know Perl at all yet.  
Is it hard to learn ?  (Coming from Dephi, Java, C, SmallTalk, bash, ...)

  Now I'll need some time to read everything and get started.  You'll get my remarks soon ...


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