New to ALFS

Lederrey Guillaume GLederrey at
Fri Jun 29 08:23:54 PDT 2001

  Hello !

  I'm using LFS for some time now, and I was thinking about writing a simple bash script that would compile all the packages I need.  Then I found about ALFS.  It seems to be more or less what I need !  So I want to 
get involved (if you need me).

  I didnt have time to read all the mailing list archive yet, and couldnt find much info about the currrent status of ALFS on your website.  My questions :

- What is the current status ?
- Where do you need help ?
- What doc, mailing list archive, ..., should I read first ?
- Do you already have a beta version ?  Or a simple bash script that compile everything the way LFS-Book says ?

  Ok, I hope I can help a little in that project, just tell me ...



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