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Corey Cox sleepnir at
Thu Jun 28 14:43:19 PDT 2001

corey at wrote:
> Just before sending this I had a little light-bulb go off in my
> head concerning the confusion and concerns we all seem to be having 
> over the portability issue. 
> I had in my mind only two forms of portability with ALFS:  
> 1: *backend* portabality between programming languages.
>    ( I hope we can all agree that this certainly is not our aim )
> and
> 2: *platform* portability between the backend and the xml spec
>    ( which can be remedied with a flexible command element )
> BUT, there's a third that I simply wasn't getting through my head,
> that I think others have been talking about but not clearly stating:
> 3: *profile* portability between systems!
> I certainly apologize for not catching this earlier, it could have
> solved some confusion. I simply was not thinking in terms of a
> person/company/whatever hoping to define a profile that anybody
> *else* could use. This is deservant of it's own thread.

I think you have hit on the crux of the disagreement.  I think we all want a
system where the backend will be portable across a lot of environments, not
programming languages, and the profile made by one person can be used by
anyone else who gets ahold of it (within reason).  I don't think there is a
need for greater discussion on this - but cetainly reply if you do.  Lets all
get on the same page now, and figure out how to do the second part of this.  I
think that using a generic <command> tag really defeats this and I think you
see why now.  What I would like to see next is work on a specific spec:  what
.xml's and .dtd's does the system need.  Then I think we need to write those
specific files.  Maybe this is being decided on #alfs.  I've been realearning
XML and DTD stuff and I've looked at the current profiles.  Will it help to
have a DTD that works for the current profiles to start from, or should we
scrap that and start a new foundation?

Well, that got rather wordy, let me know what you think.

Corey Cox.
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