preliminary attempt at one DTD

Gerard Beekmans gerard at
Thu Jun 28 04:32:17 PDT 2001

> AFAIK, Gerard is hard at work trying to weasle bugzilla into working for us.
> It's a tough system to implement from what I've heard, so don't know how
> much progress has been made there.  Is this the type of thing you where
> thinking of?

The tricky part is to get some kind of authentication working. Right now
if we use one Bugzilla installation it seems that if you have access to
change LFS bugs you automatically get access to change ALFS bugs and the
other way around. That's not acceptable. I'm not sure how to get it
working, i could setup a seperate ALFS Bugzilla installation to overcome
this problem, but that's really not clean. I haven't poked at bugzilla
for a few days - i was hoping Jesse had some time to poke at it (the
perl code isn't all that great to wade through, especially when the perl
knowledge is a bit limited). But we'll see, we'll get something up and
running. Perhaps corey's system would be better suited for us anyway.
> So basicly the frontend will look at the system profile to see what is
> wanted, then it will grab all the little profiles it needs.  As long as the
> version of a package is known, the dependency info can be looked up in an
> external DB.  Else, each package profile whould have to have all dep's in
> it.  For now, the simple way to get things working is to just have one big
> package profile and use entities for the common things that change.  In the
> future, once the system profile and the package managment is developed  it
> will be fairly easy to seperate the one big profile into seperate profiles
> for each package.

I made that 'mistake' too once with the lfs-book. Thinking that "let's
keep it one big file for now, we can later always split it up". Well the
splitting it up later was a long long tedious boring process. I suggest
if you already anticipate modularity in the future it'll be best to
implement it right now. It may take a bit more work now to set it up,
but it will save us tons of work in the future.
Gerard Beekmans

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