Syntax ( long )

Corey Cox sleepnir at
Tue Jun 26 09:35:35 PDT 2001

Sorry about cutting your e-mail, but I'm only going to make a small reply
regarding something that came to mind.  So here it is.  I like your ideas
for making a system with which others can build their own unix system.  To
that end I think it will be necessary and desireable to include the
command line tag in a manner similar to how you described it.  However I
don't think that this should be the preferred method of doings things.  It
should be an option available to people (certainly hacks will be necessary
from time to time) but the emphasis should be on higher level structure
that our parser can deal with in any manner that gets the job done.  This
keeps us from being restricted to a "script language" profile, in other
words allowing our profile to be more than a glorified shell script.

Corey Cox.
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