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Tue Jun 26 04:05:34 PDT 2001

On Monday 25 June 2001 11:16 am, you wrote:
>   Ah - so you intend to write a C, perl, java or whatever function ( or
>   pull an equivalent out of your hat ) that does what patch, configure
>   and make do?
>   I find that interesting.
>   And as for the actual simple commands like cp, mv, rm and such -
>   you really prefer to squelch those gazillion options and completely
>   refuse to utilize a rich existing codebase? Over *speed* concerns??

No, I prefer to use the already build in C functions for manipulating files.  

>   Is ALFS written to be portable across *programming languages*? Is
>   that its goal?  Uh, wow. And what exactly is the usefullness of
>   such an endeavor? To rewrite the backend in different languages
>   merely as an excersize perhaps?

Hm..  I thought that was on of the original goals and why XML was chosen.  
Having a valid profile one could write a backend in any language they like.  
The previous backend was in perl and did not use all shell functions.

>   The more restrictions that are placed on the profile, the less usefull
>   it will be to *have* a profile.
>   Are you guys desiring for a "custom" bicycle in which you can only
>   modify the color and add a few accessories, or would you find the
>   freedom to design the frame, size of wheels, number of gears more
>   beneficial to a wider audience?

Exactly, A profile should be able to be as detailed or simple as possible.

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