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Mon Jun 25 08:26:55 PDT 2001

And upon Tuesday of June 26, the illustrious emage at spake thusly...
> > I don't believe XML's primary purpose is to *abstract* your data,
> > as you say -- but, rather, to *describe* your data.  Now, how one
> > *applies* that data is a matter of design and implementation, which
> > occurs within the code logic of whatever is parsing the xml.
> I disagree here...XML is supposed to abstract the data, to a degree, to make
> the coding as simple as possible for a profile maker that doesn't _need_ that
> level of control.  

  So you don't care about the profile maker who *does* need that level
  of control?

  OK, well I can see that my own ideas are clearly out of scope with 
  what ALFS is trying to accomplish.

  It would be pointless for me to attempt any contribution - I'll go
  ahead and stop my incessant ramblings.



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