Getting Started?

Jason Gurtz jason at
Mon Jun 25 08:05:59 PDT 2001

> 	Forgive the lame questions but I am new at this.

There are no lame questions, only lame answers...  :)

> What I am
> looking for is a 'getting started' type of guide to ALFS.  Is there
> something that gives an overview of how the process works, what a
> profile is and how to construct one?

There is some very initial documentation at  The only problem is that there is no code to process that style of profile yet.  There are some older style profiles available at  you may want to check some of those out.  This project really is just getting going again, so, if you seriously want to get involved, I'd suggest reading the archives of some recent postings to this list.   Go to to find them.

cheers, and happy alfs'ing


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