preliminary attempt at one DTD

Jason Gurtz jason at
Wed Jun 20 12:41:22 PDT 2001

> <phonenumber>
>   <areacode />
>   <prefix />
>   <postfix />
> </phonenumber>
>   Rather than simply:
> <phonenumber />
>   Though that may be considered overkill by some, I find
>   that sort of pedantic drudgery convenient at times when
>   I least expect it - like when I suddenly find I need to
>   search or account for specific area codes. Let the Parser
>   do what it does best, so you don't have to write code to
>   do it yourself.

That makes good sense, yes

>   As far as helping out goes - is a "contribution" or "todo"
>   list anywhere?  I'm a pretty decent perl hacker with plenty
>   of systems processing and data munging experience, as well
>   as XML. I've been an avid/professional linux user for over
>   6 years, and have really been wanting to get involved in some
>   project or other - ALFS is a really great idea.

There's a TODO thread here:  But,
to really get the gist, I'd read/skim through most of what's on that page


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