preliminary attempt at one DTD

Jason Gurtz jason at
Wed Jun 20 08:13:21 PDT 2001

> Attached is the beginnings of my first attempt at one of the DTDs
> for the new and improved ALFS.

Nice job.  A couple requests/comments/questions:

	What would we do for a package that uses more then one programming
language; just use more than one tag set?  Like:


or, could it be:

	<programming>C, C++</programming>

	The issue of supporting more than one archive type.  I propose some
additional !ENTITY's:

	<!ENTITY % gzipPackageSize "gzpsize">
	<!ENTITY % bzip2PackageSize "bz2psize">
	<!ENTITY % compressPackageSize "zpsize">

these whould replace the plain <!ENTITY % PackageSize "psize">  In addition,
I propose adding:

		<!ENTITY % gzipMd5sum "gzmd5">
		<!ENTITY % bzip2Md5sum "bz2md5">
		<!ENTITY % compressMd5sum "zmd5">


	One way of handling the InstalledSize issue is just average the result of
build's on different targets and then round up.  The problem with this in a
global sense is that I've seen the most drastic differences when comparing
binaries built for different HW archatectures  I.E. x86 vs. sparc.  Then
there's the issue of stripped (and how much so) vs. not stripped.  I could
see handling this in a simular way to the different package types with for

	<!ENTITY % AlphaInstalledSize "alphaisize">
	<!ENTITY % AlphaDebugInstalledSize "alphadbugisize">
	<!ENTITY % x86InstalledSize "x86isize">
	<!ENTITY % x86DebugInstalledSize "x86dbugisize">


> ...  Since the
> system profile DTD hasn't been written yet (and these two DTDs
> are going to rely heavily on each other) I didn't really get into
> that area.  I figured that I'd post it anyway since there doesn't
> seem to be anything else that's been chosen yet. ...

	Well, you've given us a lot to think about, and this will help in thinking
about the system-wide dtd as well.  Thanks alot for your contribution  :)


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