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corey at corey at
Tue Jun 19 21:07:37 PDT 2001

And upon Wednesday of June 20, the illustrious Jason Gurtz spake thusly...
> 	What would we do for a package that uses more then one programming
> language; just use more than one tag set?  Like:
> 	<programming>C</programming>
> 	<programming>C++</programming>
> or, could it be:
> 	<programming>C, C++</programming>

  Just to pipe in real quick ( by the way, hello everyone -
  I'm new here and hoping to get involved fairly soon ), it
  would definitely be preferable to use multiple instances
  of the element for each possible choice than to overload
  a single element with delimited entries. You want to use
  the XML Parser to it's fullest extent, rather than dealing 
  with the overhead of manually parsing data held within
  elements.  I personally go so far, when specifying my own 
  DTD's, in actually tokenizing all data into it's most
  basic constituent parts wherever possible - thus a phone 
  number, for instance, would become:

  <areacode />
  <prefix />
  <postfix />
  Rather than simply:

<phonenumber />

  Though that may be considered overkill by some, I find 
  that sort of pedantic drudgery convenient at times when 
  I least expect it - like when I suddenly find I need to 
  search or account for specific area codes. Let the Parser 
  do what it does best, so you don't have to write code to 
  do it yourself.

  Anyhow, just a thought.  

  As far as helping out goes - is a "contribution" or "todo" 
  list anywhere?  I'm a pretty decent perl hacker with plenty 
  of systems processing and data munging experience, as well 
  as XML. I've been an avid/professional linux user for over 
  6 years, and have really been wanting to get involved in some 
  project or other - ALFS is a really great idea.



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