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alexandros agrafiotis pako at
Tue Jun 19 07:44:51 PDT 2001


This is my first post to this list (plus, I 'm greek) so please excuse my English.
I 've been watching this list for a while and I think that finally the ALFS project
is going to the right direction as defined in the white paper.

I 'd love to help! My exams are finishing tomorrow and I 'm going to 
have enough free time now! I can do XML, DTD stuff, both for IPC and Profile/Package management, also documentation and code in C/C++ if it 's needed.

My first suggestion, is to make a sort of a tag repository, where everybody can put 
his suggested tag(s) along with comments for the functionality it (they) offers and
then, starting from these and eliminating duplicate/unneeded tags, the new syntax will
occur. What do you think of this, guys?

Also I would like to see the philosophy behind the profile syntax to change and become
less Shell Script like and more XML friendly. This would mean to stop writing procedural
and start writing in the structural way. 

For example:

instead of <mkdir blah blah

write <directory blah blah

Also, to enforce the correct sequence without writing sequentially, we could add 
elementary dependency handling (which will be usefull later for the package management 

for example:

<package name= blah blah >
            "pointers to packages this package depends on"

etc. The parsing program then, would first check the dependencies of the 
package and then attempt to install it.

I have many more interesting ideas, but since this is getting too long,
I 'll leave them for my next post, waiting to see what feedback I 'll get
in this one too. 

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