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Jason Gurtz jason at
Mon Jun 18 20:26:00 PDT 2001

/me walks in a little late to the party....

> So.. where to start, the one thing that has been mentioned so 
> far would
> be to stop using so many attributes and use more sub-tags, eg;
> <package>
>     <name>ed</name>
>     <version>0.2</version>
> </package>
> instead of;
> <package name="ed" version="0.2">
> </package>

I like the gist of this idea.

> The other thing that was mentioned was the paramX usage, 
> which i have to
> also agree with.
> that is, not using attributes with numbers in them, but using one
> attribute (or tag, if we go with what i was talking about above) with
> the same name, eg; param  multiple times.

Yes...and this way:

> <config>
>     <dir>&buildDir;/&ncurses-dir;</dir>
>     <param>--prefix=/usr</param>
>     <param>--libdir=/lib</param>
>     <param>--with-shared</param>
>     <param>--disable-termcap</param>
> </config>

Hmm, strangly (or not so strange) that reminded me of XF86Config in a
way  ;)


> I have a bunch of other issues, such as should we be keeping the
> <preconfigure>, <configure>, <build>, <install>, <postinstall>, etc
> around, we could still use them as-is as placeholder for doing fun
> stuff.

Yea, nothing says we can't have tags in there purly for organzational
purpose's.  Just like in C you can block out sections with the curly
braces, only we whould use the above, or some of it for the same

> Wembly on IRC mentioned why we don't just ditch 
> <make_install> for plain
> old <make> with a param/target to make it more, generic.

Yeppers, that makes sense too.



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