Profiling and Syntaxing

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Mon Jun 18 00:16:46 PDT 2001


On Mon, Jun 18, 2001 at 02:09:59PM +1000, RoryO wrote:
> I will have some concrete proposals in the next day or so...*hopefully* ;)

Good, i'll be waiting for it.

> As a reply to HIghoS's post about getting back to the core, I totally agree
> with just about everything he had to say.  Lets concerntrate on getting the
> sytax right, then build/code a non-networking app to handle the new syntax
> and worry about the rest later.


> There is, i believe, more flexability in XML than we are currently using.
> I'm about to go and buy me an XML book, and check this out... any
> suggestions more than welcome.

I would like to recomment, The XML Handbook by Charles F. Goldfarb and
Pual Prescod, ISBN 0-13-055068-X, from the authors of SGML and XML,
along with notes from the W3C Workgroup guys, i'm not done reading it
yet, but what i've read so far has been great, it is more centered
around web development, but it still does a good job for other stuff.

> If no one else wants to do the documenting of the syntax I'll put my hand
> up to do it.  We already have a usable (barely) version of it, so it's not a
> difficult task taking that - making it into XML/SGML (if it's not already)
> and updatinging it as properties are added/chnged.

Well, as i'm going to start mod'ing the syntax, it would be good for at
least myself to start documenting it, even like it is right now a simple
text file in CVS, we can leave the more advantaced
documenting/formatting stuff to Jason and Gerard if they are up to it.

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