Profiling and Syntaxing

RoryO roryo at
Sun Jun 17 21:09:59 PDT 2001

Hiya all,

After reading all the thoughts about syntaxing i thought i would add my
contribution to the discussion.

I envision a profile not just being an instruction set to compile and
install a package, but it would also contain the README, the files that
get installed and the dependancies.  It would also contain the default
install options, the frontend would then request if the user wants to
change any of them before it installes the package.  It would check the
current system to see if the files about to be installed were already on
there, check of the tall ball is where the profile thinks it is, if it's
not there then wget it and finally save the new profile as an archive
somewhere.  For all those options we are going to need much more
intellegence built into the frontend. **please note i said ENVISION**

Now having got all that off my chest, reality check.  We of course cannot
impliment all that functionallity to begin with, but we can plan ahead a
little when writing the docs.   ;)

I will have some concrete proposals in the next day or so...*hopefully* ;)

As a reply to HIghoS's post about getting back to the core, I totally agree
with just about everything he had to say.  Lets concerntrate on getting the
sytax right, then build/code a non-networking app to handle the new syntax
and worry about the rest later.

There is, i believe, more flexability in XML than we are currently using.
I'm about to go and buy me an XML book, and check this out... any
suggestions more than welcome.

If no one else wants to do the documenting of the syntax I'll put my hand
up to do it.  We already have a usable (barely) version of it, so it's not a
difficult task taking that - making it into XML/SGML (if it's not already)
and updatinging it as properties are added/chnged.

Well thats about it for now...


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