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Sun Jun 17 16:47:33 PDT 2001

Here a little somthing I cooked up in the last few hours.  I was messing with 
Checkinstall/Installwatch for the first time in about a 6 months.  I could 
not get it to work at all.  It would not keep track of files installed by 
"make install".  I think it may have something to do with glibc versions but, 
after about an hour I gave up.  

Then I decided to take a look at strace output.  To make a long story short, 
I think I've come up with a crude replacement for the Installwatch library.  
I could probably modify Checkinstall easy enough to use it instead. The 
advantages are it should work with in chroot and with static libraries/files? 
(I have not tested this however, yet)  And it also avoids the overhead of 
doing multiple finds and such. 

You can grab the quick and dirty shell script at:

You'll also need to install the strace program.  If you grab the latest 
version the LFS hint should not be needed.  At least I did not need it.

Just do "lfsinstall make install" in a build directory.  It puts ras strace 
output in /tmp/lfstrace.out and a list of (hopefully) all the installed files 
in /tmp/newfiles.  I have not tested extensivly but I tried on a few 
packages.  The one thing that cannot be done is multiple commands like 
"lfsinstall make install && make" for example.  You could put 
multiple commands into a script and execute the script. That works fine.  

And yes, I know the script is rough and messy.  I'm not a (very good) shell 
programmer.  I'm used to perl or c. Use at your own risk, but since it does 
not rm any files it's pretty safe.

I know we are not talking much about package management yet but I am in need 
of this more than ALFS, so this is where I am putting my not very free time. 

Comments/Suggestions/Patches welcome.

atark at
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