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Gerard Beekmans gerard at
Sat Jun 16 09:27:36 PDT 2001

> I totally agree with the fact that XML can be used for this. But RPM (for 
> example) was designed to solve package management problems exactly like this 
> one, and does a pretty good job at it. And there are other existing 
> alternatives.

We can still integrate rpm. But if you choose to use a debian style with
deb's and dpkg, rpm will not do you much good. With XML you don't tell
how to do something you only tell what to do. Let the work horses figure
out what needs to be done. If you define in xml profile to use an rpm
database to keep track of your packages, it can do that. But if you need
non-rpm, it can do that too. There's a big difference between using rpm
spec files (they define exactly how to do it, and then you are stuck
wtih that one implementation) and xml (which tells what to do and lets
you implement how to get the job done). This will greatly help
protability. But I believe this is already clear, along with the RPC

Right now I see tho things showing up on this list:
1) people who see the flexibility of xml and think it's a good idea to
use it
2) people who see the flexibility of xml but do not think that it's
appropriate for ALFS to be that flexible, portable, expandable, and so

I know I'm speaking for Jesse and others that we will never use XML just
because it's "cool" to use. You can scrap that possibility from your
minds. The only reason why we want to go with XML is for option one.
Perhaps it is overkill for now, but I don't look forward to future
expansion being slowed down because we have limitd ourselves with one
particular implementation. Keep in mind if we go the RPM way, we have
the thing where people who don't want to use RPM are stuck since there's
no other way of going about ALFS. Coming back to using profiles that
tell what to do, not how to do it, it leaves the door open to invent
your own way of dealing with things and still use the profiles that tell
you exactly what needs to be done.

I hope the difference between using rpm and xml is clear now? 

Gerard Beekmans

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