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Simon Perreault nomis80 at
Sat Jun 16 08:55:34 PDT 2001

On Saturday 16 June 2001  9:36, didbaba wrote:
> I think, we must add some attribute to use the -a or -R ( <param>-R</param>
> ) or if it is hard coded and don't use the cp of the system, we must think
> to a way to add some options.

Point is, we can't define the attributes by their shell equivalent. For 
example, we must say "recursive", not "-R". We must say "archive", not "-a". 
This way, people coding in C, for example, can find ways of doing this stuff 
in C, not by calling cp.

> It's necessary for installing the header kernel.
> I think it's better to use at minimal the <command_system> tag, right ? But
> do we have to implement all the option of cp in the tag, or only the one
> that we use in the LFS book. (not a good idea because there will be many
> other profile)

We can implement some basic ones, like the recursive tag. But for more 
complicated operations, either use a <system> tag or use multiple <copy> tags 
(dunno about the exact naming).

> add a check_installed_file tag to use in
> <preconfigure>
> 	<check_installed_file>
> 		<log_file>/mnt/lfs/usr/src/log/gcc_2.95.3.file</log_file>
> 		<temporary>/mnt/lfs/tmp</temporary>
> 		<root_file>/mnt/lfs</root_file>
> 	</check_installed_file>
> </preconfigure>
> and the same in <post_install> </post_install>
> Because everybody here use a little script to know what file are installed,

A general check-for-failure procedure is needed, this should be expanded 
upon. I have no idea right now.

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