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Sat Jun 16 05:25:49 PDT 2001

* le sam 16 jun, 2001 à 04:34:21 -0600, Jesse Tie Ten Quee (highos at écrivait:
>     o IPC/Protocol
>         I've trying to start a conversation about what to use, mentioned
>         XML-RPC, no one has bothered to even shoot down the idea, so
>         either you guys don't care or are on vacation.
>         (remenber thou, we want to try and keep this as un-language
>          specific as possible)

About the XML-RPC, O'reilly plan to edit a book on the subject soon ( in june or july ). But it will be written in English.

> I will, as always, give you guys some time to think and post your
> thoughs and keep answering your questions, but the line has to be drawn
> somewhere, everyone keeps making suggestions and no real work is getting
> done, now.. that isn't a bad thing, as we don't want to jump head first
> into something without knowing what we are getting into, but if we don't
> start writting the design doc soon... well we end up going in circles
> and not getting anything done.
> If you guys don't want to use XML and would prefer another method, fine,
> there are a number of different projects doing this a different way and
> you are glad to join them; if you guys want more reasons on why XML
> would be a good idea, just ask.

I'm very surprised to see, that it's so difficult to find people who want to try XML. Even if they think it s not the right way, we can try. (I try to write some profile and I think it's good and powerfull enough). I'm here to learn many things, (english for example :)), and until I met LFS, I never stop to learn. So I m agree with Jesse, we must stop to flame upon C or Python and Perl, Xml or not Xml. Xml, C and Perl is a solution, I agree to try with it. Go on Jesse you are not alone (Even if my presence is not of great help or importance).

> I don't mean to sound like an ass, and as always, this is just my own
> thoughs on the matter, but most of the last ~20 posts could have been
> allready answered if we had started doing half of these tasks, but then
> again, perhaps not... I don't mind doing all the work (if it comes down
> to that :) if you guys will help me out and point me in the right
> direction such as giving me some details that should be include in say..
> the Design docs.. i'll get hacking on it, ASAP.

The main goal of Design docs is to explain how it will work, no? Because now I do not really well understand how the perl backend, and xml profile are linked. I think you can put some drawing (schema ?)  like 

<frontend>  --- < xml > --- < backend > ---> build

And if we understand what the frontend is to use for, it could be more easy to try to code something... 
For example is the frontend could/will be the GUI (or not GUI) in which I wrote my $hostname and it will be automatically incorporated in the profile ?
How that frontend and backend speek together ? Explain the protocol or give some hint or URL to understand...
Well it's some idea I have, but you know it's very hard to formulate correctly in English. And often, the meaning of my sentence do not reflect really what I think.

> C'mon guys! there was such fire in the language thread, lets put some of
> that to use again, Eh!
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