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Jesse Tie Ten Quee highos at
Sat Jun 16 03:53:49 PDT 2001


Now, like most of you guys, i don't quite like the syntax in it's
present form, but just keep in mind, the way it is now, was only to show
off what could be done, so we now have to fix it up and refine it.

So.. where to start, the one thing that has been mentioned so far would
be to stop using so many attributes and use more sub-tags, eg;


instead of;

<package name="ed" version="0.2">

Now, this does make the XML bigger, but also makes it cleaner and easier
to read, at least to me it does.

This, i would not have an issue with, would anyone have a problem with
switching most of the syntax to something similar?


The other thing that was mentioned was the paramX usage, which i have to
also agree with.

that is, not using attributes with numbers in them, but using one
attribute (or tag, if we go with what i was talking about above) with
the same name, eg; param  multiple times.

An example of such would be;

<config dir="&buildDir;/&ncurses-dir;"
        param="--disable-termcap" />



depending on which method we go with, instead of;

<config dir="&buildDir;/&ncurses-dir;"
        param4="--disable-termcap" />


I have a bunch of other issues, such as should we be keeping the
<preconfigure>, <configure>, <build>, <install>, <postinstall>, etc
around, we could still use them as-is as placeholder for doing fun

Wembly on IRC mentioned why we don't just ditch <make_install> for plain
old <make> with a param/target to make it more, generic.

I know of a few of you guys, have been meaning to rant about the way we
are using the XML and data in the profiles, so take this as an advantage
to rant away.

New ideas on how the XML/profile should work, should be brough up
now,etc.. now's the time to start from scratch with the profiles, *all*
the tags will be talked about, so.. lets go!

Jesse Tie Ten Quee - highos at highos dot com
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