To be or not to be XML :)

Florin Izvoranu florin at
Sat Jun 16 03:20:32 PDT 2001

Is my first post to this list and I hope you would excuse my english.

I switched from Slackware, Coyote and RedHat to LFS because I wanted
to be in control of my PC's.

Qoute from the book:

"This book is intended for Linux users who want to setup their own custom
built Linux system. Reasons for wanting to build such a system are diverse.
Perhaps you want to get into more detail as to what happens behind the
scenes. Perhaps you are fed up with distributions which are often bloated or
perhaps you don't want to rely on pre-compiled binaries due to security
concerns. There are many reasons why someone may want a custom built system.
If you are one of them, this book is meant for you"

I don't know XML and perl and if LFS Book was about XML in system setup I'd
never read it.

>From the book:

" I would have to build my own system from scratch, ideally using only the
source code. Not using pre-compiled packages of any kind. ... I would use my
current Linux system and use that one to build my own. "

I prefer scripts for installing because I can understand them .

ALFS-discuss was pretty dead lately;
maybe perl and XML takes the control from ppl and scares them ?

qoute from Jesse Tie Ten Quee:
"We are in a sense... Starting From Scratch(tm), so stay tuned, i plan on
posting updates quite a lot more in the future."

"Starting From Scratch(tm)," sounds good for me and maybe will exist
something like: perl-ALFS , XML-ALFS and what I want Scripts-ALFS . is like other distro's homepage
distro= bloated, security concerns etc.


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