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Fri Jun 15 20:00:05 PDT 2001


On Fri, Jun 15, 2001 at 09:50:20AM +0200, Michael Heca wrote:
> I don't know if it may be corectli defined in DTD.

There isn't any DTD written yet.

> It's trouble for simple xml procesor, like gslgen.

Read above, which may be one reason for gslgen not being able to
properlly process the XML file.

What and why are you using gslgen thou? (i'm just curios)

> I prefer subtags <param .../>.

You mean you don't like the use of attributes in the tags?

So.. instead of something like this;

<config dir="&buildDir;/&ed-dir;" param1="--prefix=/usr" />

You would prefer;


If we just used multiple <param>'s so like;


Which (i think) is what your saying, is there any way to garauntee that
a specific option will come first? and for that matter? does it really

Using more tags and less attributes will make the XML look nicer (at
least, imo) but it will also make the XML bigger and longer.

Wanna elaborate a little? ;)

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