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On Wed, Jun 13, 2001 at 09:23:45PM -0700, John Schmerge wrote:
>   I envision ALFS becoming another Linux distribution with several unique and
> powerful features. Most notable of these features is the idea of package
> management at the source-code level, not the binary level, like the RedHat or
> Debian systems. This allows an ALFS system to provide functionality very
> similar to that provided by the *BSD ports system; I will comment more about
> the *BSD ports idea later in this message, so please hold off any criticism
> until after you read further. Other notable features that I see being very
> valuable are using the ALFS as a system administration tool and also as a
> sophisticated testing tool for LFS book releases.

If you read back far enough, you will learn alot of the initial ALFS
promoters were thinking the same way... myself on the other hand, seemed
to have forgetten alot of that, i think i may actually download the
alfs-discuss mbox off shadowfax and read everything from start to finish
again *g*

> 4. The communication between the front end and back end will need to be settled
>    on before we go anywhere. The establishment of a communications protocol
>    that is easily extendable between the front and back end will allow
>    simultaneous development of the two pieces of the system. This issue
>    includes such loaded questions as how to provide distributed system
>    management.

Right, i sent an email suggestion XML-RPC yesterday looking for
everyone's though/opinions, sad to see no one has commented so far (not
even to say it sucks ;)

>   Third in my list, is the IPC issue. I think that the quick, dirty and simple
> solution to this problem is to use XML for the communication. This will allow
> protocol extensions and revisions to occur as DTD changes; capitalizing on the
> power of XML. Unfortunately, doing so will require us to settle on the DTD for
> this communication.

nodnods, agreed here.

>   Last, I'd suggest we don't write off the package management stuff for the
> future; a database (of some sort) will have to be interfaced with the backend.
> Choosing a way of managing the data will require a large suggestion as well.

hrm..maybe, but i don't want to have 20 major items on the TODO list ;)

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