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Michael Heca michael.heca at
Thu Jun 14 10:34:14 PDT 2001


I read documantion about ALFS and see that it is sequence of system commands
encoded in XML.

I have idea about backend/frontend.

Front end example:

<fe name="addmailuser" version="1">
  <desc lang="en" short="Add mail user">
    Add mail user account.....
  <param name="name" type="string">
    <desc lang="en" short="User name">
  <param name="password" type="string">
    <desc lang="en" short="User password">
  <send version="1">
    <addmailuser name="${name}" password="${password}"/>

Create user dialog and then command template and send it to backend.
${PARAM} refer to named param in fe.

Package example:

<package name="qmail">
  <provide name="addmailuser">
    <param name="name" required="1"/>
    <param name="password" default=""/>
      <if expr="password">
          <system_command command="adduser -p ${password} ${name}"/>
          <system_command command="adduser ${name}"/>
      <system_command command="touch /home/${name}/Mailbox"/>

After installation of package is available command "addmailuser" and
backend is capable of accept command from frontend.

Front and have plugin concept for sending command to backend.

I have idea about mail plugin. Command will be encrypted and signed by gpg
and backend daemon execute it and send result. You may administer offline
station, station behind firewall etc.

Backend will be small to fit it on bootdisk, with basic profile for start
installation of ALFS from scratch.

What you think?


P.S. Sorry for my english ;)
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