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> : On Thu, 14 Jun 2001 12:05:35 +0100, Paul Thomas wrote:
> >I heard it was a rather flaky wine emulation.
> It is not. I figure this is one of these "It would be cool if we could
> really spread this FUD around" things.
I figure this is one of those "If you don't embrace all things new then your
motives are evil" things.

> I have been using Kylix for quite a while, and am happy.
I am glad for you, I haven't heard from anyone using the new port yet and
replied to your post because of genuine interest.

> >Would that mean a lot of runtime support is needed?
> It needs zero runtime support.
> Kylix is a native Linux application. Applications produced by Kylix are
> native Linux applications, and all they need is Qt (assuming that you
> write GUI applications - something I typically don't do).

I am one of the few engineers I know of that would actually prefer to use
Delphi than C or one of the ugly scripting languages. Unfortunately, that is
near impossible in an embedded market (or any nowadays), and it doesn't sit
well in the unix world because of the long history of C.
I have been following the development of Kylix with interest but it is far
to early to consider it viable. More interesting is the changes to the
Delphi tool structure in an attempt to make it a true cross-platform
environment -still a way off.

> Let me suggest that you have a look at
I am not in the habit of going to a suppliers sales reps to ask about a
products down side.

> and
> as this gets seriously off-topic here (IOW, let's kill the thread - and if
> you are interested, have a look at the Borland newsgroups; URL above).

I'm sure there will be backlash about how OT this is, but recent postings
have been about the +/- of different languages for the ALFS project. As much
as I loath sycophants in the free/open comunities, I have been impressed by
the determination of the founders to shy away from doing something because
it is trendy and new. XML, C and shell scripts are pretty future proof
compared to the plethora of "Dr-sure-of-himself's new script language"
If ALFS is to become a distribution framework (like a meta-distibution) i.e.
something new, then it needs to appeal to a wide range of developers and
sys-admins. Let's face it, large IT departments aren't going to be
interested and teenage hackers would like to think they can do it better.

The XML DTD is all important to ALFS, in a few months time, there will
surely be a few different deployment tools written in any language you can
think of.

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