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Stefan Hoffmeister Stefan.Hoffmeister at
Thu Jun 14 04:28:16 PDT 2001

: On Thu, 14 Jun 2001 12:05:35 +0100, Paul Thomas wrote:

>I heard it was a rather flaky wine emulation. 

It is not. I figure this is one of these "It would be cool if we could
really spread this FUD around" things.

I have been using Kylix for quite a while, and am happy.

>Would that mean a lot of runtime support is needed?

It needs zero runtime support.

Kylix is a native Linux application. Applications produced by Kylix are
native Linux applications, and all they need is Qt (assuming that you
write GUI applications - something I typically don't do).

Let me suggest that you have a look at


as this gets seriously off-topic here (IOW, let's kill the thread - and if
you are interested, have a look at the Borland newsgroups; URL above).
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