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Simon Perreault nomis80 at
Wed Jun 13 21:52:45 PDT 2001

On Thursday 14 June 2001  0:23, John Schmerge wrote:
>   I envision ALFS becoming another Linux distribution

I couldn't disagree more.

ALFS will be the package management system, not the distribution itself. 
That's like saying that RPM == RedHat. Many distros use RPM. The profile used 
will be what will define the distro.

> 0. How simple is the system? More complexity == more problems. While not
> the most important constraint, this is something that we need keep in the
> back of our minds as we proceed. Another facet of this issue is that we
> will want to minimize, if not eliminate, the ammount of software a user has
> to install to get ALFS up and running.

ALFS is not user-friendly, it is developer-friendly. You could build a 
user-friendly frontend though. Don't confuse distro and package management.

> 1. The ALFS system should be as independent of other software as is
> possible. The rational I have for this is as follows: no one can anticipate
> all the possible permutations of various compilers, libraries and linux
> distributions that people may be using to bootstrap an ALFS install.

You know my stance on this point: perl is perfectly compiler-agnostic 
(assuming you have a working perl binary). ;)

> 3. ALFS should provide an easy upgrade path. This is something that does
> not currently exist. The decision of how to provide this functionality
> profoundly impacts the overall system design, for decisions that we make
> regarding this issue impacts such things as how we need to bundle into the
> XML profiles information about inter-package dependencies. This issue is a
> rabbit hole that would be better to stumble down now rather than in three
> months when it will require us to do a tremendous ammount of redesign.

I couldn't agree more.

Upgrading has always been a nightmare with every package management system. 
If we could fix that problem, then ALFS would be of incredible value. But I 
wonder how we could...

>   To this end, here are several suggestions that I have. First, since the
> backend will need to run on any and every linux distro,

UH? Why?

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