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Wed Jun 13 20:32:22 PDT 2001

Thus spake Simon Perreault:

> Well then, how come we don't simply use shell scripts? Don't tell
> that you want to use C because it's faster than shell. You wouldn't
> see the difference, most of the cpu cycles will be taken by gcc.

Well, I don't see why 'make' isn't being used.  It's a little hairy and
hard to understand, but it gets the job done, and it's the way other
OSes build (BSD's namely, and I've used it in LNXS).  You can use ESR's
CML2 for profile & configuration management; I'm planning to look into
it for LNXS, for some variables that are either not variable (yet)
or manually changed.  But, it's your project, just my US$0.02.

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