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On Wed Jun 13, 2001 at 11:39:43AM +0200, the boisterous
Stefan Hoffmeister <linuxfromscratch.mailinglist at>
wrote to me:
> TCL is mostly dead. Ruby is nice, but not really popular (yet) except in
> Japan, Perl (IMHO) is a mess to read and maintain. [All of this is a gross
> oversimplification]

I cannot aggree more with that.

> Leaves Python - All the necessary (XML) libraries
> are there, it's a popular language, it's light, it is available on
> multiple architectures, it is a "maintainable language" (it promotes
> maintainable code), it can be localised relatively easily through support
> for Unicode, it has bindings to Qt. And I would be happy to contribute to
> a Python backend :-)

I would also use python for alfs development.

so long

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