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Hiya  ;)

> And now new stuff: What do you think of xml based init scripts? Consider
> something like this:

YES! Come to pappa!  However the problem is, if ALFS is going to LSB based we 
are going to have major problems by using non-sysv... :(    But other that 
that, YES!... good idea, i'll put it on my Dang-thats-a-good-idea list.

> /etc/sysconfig/network
> <network>
> 	<interface>
> 		<name>eth0</name>
> 		<address></address>
> 		<broadcast></broadcast>
> 		<netmask></netmask>
> 	</interface>
> 	<route>
> 		<destination></destination>
> 		<gw></gw>
> 		<netmask></netmask>
> 		<interface>wavelan0</interface>
> 	</route>
> </network>
> I hate all the sh-based config files, because they are all not proper
> designed, every distro has other configs, ... they are simply not real
> configs. But with this stuff, we have both the power of real config files
> and system independance (ever created a system daemon and create init
> scripts for the distros out there -> the hell).
> OK, lets start, I want to hear your opinions ;-)
> So long
> Thomas
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