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Wed Jun 13 00:02:19 PDT 2001

Yo all!

I have just finished reading the last of the 50-something alfs-discuss post 
that happend since my isp's e-mail was last working. *2 days no e-mail hurts*

To start off - w00t! 8-)    It seems that there is movement at the station.  

As HIghOS has pointed out in the last week or so I have been putting together 
some profiles for gnome and the assorted libs.  During this, often painful, 
re-introduction to ALFS I have had the oppertunutiy to talk/bitch to HIghOS 
and the other ALFS'ers on #LFS and #ALFS about the seemingly stalled status 
to the project.  So it came as a plesant suprise to read all the activity and 
enthusium on the list.

I would like to put my hand up as a contributor to ALFS.

I could contribute to:
Package Management
And any other "little help outs"  ;)

Just a few thoughts on varios issues.

I am not a coder - all my coding experance has been so far in the past that 
about all i remember of it is the actual design of process flows and 
dependancies *the terms may have changed since my day*.  I have in the past 
used C, Delphi and VB in a work enviroment - yes i know EVIL WINDOZE - but am 
willing to re-learn.

The Documentaion is the CORE of any open project, having been a technical 
writer for a while I feel comfortable helping out here.  I do have a Diploma 
in Professional Writing and Editing.

Profiling.  This is a bit of a contentious issue it seems.  Most of us seem 
to think "Oh well, profiling is easy - not to really be bothered about..."  
Well, yes, profiling CAN be easy.  The problem is that to right usable 
profiles u need to be able to acually install the software properly.  In some 
cases this is as simple as ./configure && make && make install -- however as 
most of us LFS'ers have come to realise, the above is usually the exception, 
not the rule.  To have a remote-deploayable profile means accessing a remote 
DB of all sorts of goodies.  And I will not even mention all the broken 
makefiles and configure files out there.  :(  

Profiling is a good way to initiate newbies to ALFS.  It is really what they 
are currently struggling with when doing LFS so we may as well pull in all 
that pent up frustration and enthusiasm.  One of the reason i started on the 
gnome profiles is due to the fact that many people are put off installing 
gnome because it is such a BITCH to do. ;)  So we can say to them "Gnome! 
It's a breeeze, go and check out http://blah and install ALFS"  We get them 
to try-out ALFS and they will soon see all the GOODNESS that we get to see 

Package Managment.  Thanks to jbs on #LFS i am working on his orginal shell 
script to track changes in the file structure and i am adding functionalitity 
to remove the files.  This is a very basic start.  I would be VERY interested 
in helping out with this area of ALFS.  I will keeping hacking at it by 
meself intil it get adressed by the community.

Well, that's about it for the moment.... more to come... ;)

I'm not usually very vocal in mailing lists, i spose that is about to change!
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