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Tue Jun 12 23:29:18 PDT 2001

From: "Jesse Tie Ten Quee" <highos at>
> Yo,
> On Wed, Jun 13, 2001 at 07:42:31AM +0200, Thomas Krennwallner wrote:
> > Sorry for posting so late, but I slept a long time ;-)
> Hey, no worries, i want to wait a bit anyways, we have alot of i18n
> LFS/ALFS'ers out there, most of them are going to be waking up soon :)
> > I think the choose for a xml-based file format is good, because as Bryan
> > a month ago, that it could be used to create rpms/debs through a not coded
> > parser.
> Actually, if you dig back enough, you would problably notice this was
> something i started saying (i remenber we had *quite* a few discussions
> around a year ago about these questions) and ever since then, everyone
> seems to really like this idea. (well, it was either me, Gerard or Mark
> Stone with his 'distrobutionless distribution' ideas ;)

Agreed. A DTD is deffo needed though.

> > So the user has the chance to choose what he wants. I also think that we
> > should create an automatic rpm/deb install cd and a compile from scratch cd
> > (surely the user has to create them ;-).
> Bryan was working on a bootable CD to install LFS and ALFS before he
> left, i have the most recent copy (which i got from him a few days ago)
> online @
> Considering Bryan has left, i'm not going to support this, but you may
> want to take a look at it.

I could be of service here. I collaborated a lot with Bryan as we were both
making bootable CD linux distros at the same time, so any questions on the CD
booting process I could attempt to answer. I have a few scripts etc that can be
used, and I accumulated quite a bit of knowdlge of the pitfals along the way.

> > What I also miss is default configurations like /etc/profile, ... That
> > be a main reason to use ALFS.
> Well, that has little todo with actual coding, all a profile developer
> (or even used) would need todo is open up a profile and add a few lines;
> <textdump file="/etc/profile">
> =PS1='\[\033[1;32m\]\h:\w\$\[\033[0m\] '
> </textdump>
> And it's done..
> > And now new stuff: What do you think of xml based init scripts? Consider
> > something like this:
> That's beyond what i could call ALFS... ;)
> (i feel sorry for whomever wakes up to a boat load of alfs-discuss email
> *g*)

I would disagree with using them anyway, as it breaks the "norm". No Unix/linux
distro that I know of (not even System V! ;) uses such a config, so it wont
appeal to people who have a working knowledge of the scripts already.

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