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Tue Jun 12 20:41:53 PDT 2001


On Tue, Jun 12, 2001 at 11:56:50PM -0400, Skip Gaede wrote:
> I second Andy's thoughts. Let's get a design down on paper and then
> we can discuss what goes in the first release, the next release, etc.
> After the building blocks are properly arranged, then we can argue
> about what language should be used. Actually, the design should be
> expressed in terms of modules that have specific inputs and outputs
> (or messages), and how the module is actually implemented shouldn't
> matter very much.

Agreed also here, but... i'm going to wait before we actually *do*
anything and let everyone put there $0.02 into this (and let a few other
members catch up and post) because this is a community after all, and it
must be heard, one way or another ;)

> P.S. I'm willing to take a look at the perl code and see what's been done
> starting next week. What's wrong with the way the code works today?

Nothing, apart from the fact it hasn't been touched in months and none
of the original authors are around to support it, and nobody has fully
committed themselves to supporting it. (that is, unless yourself or
Simon would like too)

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