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Andy ac_ml at
Tue Jun 12 20:27:42 PDT 2001

From: "Jesse Tie Ten Quee" <highos at>
> Yo,
> <[snippity-snip]>
> > I'm a bad CompSci guy. Whatever describes what you want to do, how
you'll do
> > it etc will probably be good enough. If the fe and be are begin
> > seperately, then interfaces between them would probably need to be
> > then, to sooth teething problems.
> nods.
> > One thing that should be considered a must: internationalization. Most
> > coders out there probably have very little or no experience of i18n
> > so I think these should be considered in the design document. This means
> > hard coded strings for UI stuff etc. Not too hard, but we should include
> > in the standards specs, so we dont wind up with too many problems down
> > road.
> Can't speak for perl, but i know for Qt it has some nice support. (at
> least for the frontend then), lets keep that in mind also, k guys?

Yeah, I thought that too... ;) Qt (version 2, anyway) has some quite serious
IME and character set issues. Also, the localising stuff is a bit weird, but
manageable. It's probably the best toolkit for i18n stuff right now, though.
It will be interesting to see what happens with version 3, though, as it is
reported to be better for these kind of things.

Ta, ./andy

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