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Tim Wood tw00 at
Tue Jun 12 19:26:02 PDT 2001

At 19:13 -0700, on 2001-06-12. Wil Cooley typed:
>Thus spake Tim Wood:
>> Java is also good at adaptaive simple GUIs. It is unquestionably
>> easyier and more forgiving to program in than C and C++ but of course
>> it is not nativley compiled so reqiures a VM to be running.
>GCC can compile Java into native code; it's called 'gcj'.

True, I had forgotton, is it still nearly-Java2 with no AWT/swing?
*checks* yes (well some awt). It does look like they have got some kind
of Java/C++ interface working though... but still a buggy inner-class
implementation, still too beta/alpha? I suppose it depends on the exact
requirments, have you (or anybody else) been using it? There are some
examples cited on the web page.

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