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Tue Jun 12 19:24:44 PDT 2001


On Tue, Jun 12, 2001 at 09:58:49PM -0400, Simon Perreault wrote:
> Ah, one more thing that I don't understand about the move to C/C++: Perl is 
> good for text-oriented tasks, and ALFS is clearly 100% text-oriented, we 
> could almost say mathless. And ALFS has tremendous support for XML, more than 
> we could ever hope for. And Perl is good. And we don't need speed, so C/C++ 
> would only make things harder to do, because ALFS is, relatively speaking, an 
> easy thing.

Sure it is, but how is C/C++ any worse then using perl? personally i don't
like scripting languages (as i've allready noted in this thread) when
they first start up and suck ~4MB, without even doing anything that

And as i've mentioned in my previous post/reply to you, your *more* then
welcome to take over the perl implementation, but, imho, i would prefer
to ditch it (but again that is *my* opinion)

Perl is a great language for text-oriented stuff, but so are alot of other
languages, but for me, to change the way i think, i would need a far much
more better argument then that. know, it kinda makes me wonder how good Perl's XML
implementation is, when you considering it requires a _C_ library
installed to even use XML. (and trust me, bdumm/david/neven had put alot
of time into looking at the different XML perl modules, they picked the
best ouf the bunch, afiak)

Anyways, i don't want to get into a language war, this is *not* what i
was trying todo.

I said *I* would prefer to go with C/C++, if you guys don't agree with
that, let me know, but the only way i'm going to change my mind, is if i
get some *very* strong agruments why *not* to go with it and something
else and even some... ppl willing to code in that language.

Like i said, the only person that has expressed interest in actually
coding is myself, and i've been with ALFS since the start, everyone else has
left/hasn't been heard from, so if you feel that strong about it, put
your money where your mouth.

Sorry if that just sounded like a flame, i don't mean it to be, and
hopefully this wont start anything, but i just want to make everything

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