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Tue Jun 12 19:24:21 PDT 2001

Bah!  ;-)  Yes the IPC stuff is important but the backend (which is the real 
meat  here) can be mocked up, prototyped, whatever, without this.  This is 
the way the perl code started out, it seems it only died because there were 
not enough people with enough time behind it.

Planning is good, but I've seem too many projects wither and fade because of 
arguing and bickering over this stuff.  Just do it! :-)

"If you build it, they will come."

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On Tuesday 12 June 2001 11:33 pm, you wrote:
> Well, i think it's more of an issue now of making an IPC/Protocol and
> start defining how things will work, because once that is done, it
> really wont matter what language it's writted in.
> > FYI, I would try and help support a C version of ALFS.  Only because that
> > is what I am most comfortable with.  There is a lot less text processing
> > than one may think here.  I believe the expat library does all the hard
> > stuff.
> Here's to that!
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