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Simon Perreault nomis80 at
Tue Jun 12 18:58:49 PDT 2001

On Tuesday 12 June 2001 20:22, Jesse Tie Ten Quee wrote:
> > I prefer learning C than Perl so go on. But please no C++.
> learning C? hrm, no C++? wanna elaborate? (do you want to help to
> actually develop the fe/be/ALFS?)

Ah, one more thing that I don't understand about the move to C/C++: Perl is 
good for text-oriented tasks, and ALFS is clearly 100% text-oriented, we 
could almost say mathless. And ALFS has tremendous support for XML, more than 
we could ever hope for. And Perl is good. And we don't need speed, so C/C++ 
would only make things harder to do, because ALFS is, relatively speaking, an 
easy thing.

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