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On Tue, Jun 12, 2001 at 03:00:51PM -0400, Gerard Beekmans wrote:
> We had a perl thing going, but from the looks of it, that won't be
> maintained anymore. Jesse has been trying to get in touch with the
> people who have been working on the perl backend but no response that
> yet. Jesse mentioned that he wants to work on a C or C++ backend. He'll
> have to provide more details on that himself when he reads this.

(Sorry for this post being so long, i just wanted to quickly outline
everything i'm thinking about and get it out, so if there is something
that seems confusing or you want to discuss it, feel free to reply and
ask for clarification)

Yeah, i haven't heard from Neven in months, David had gotten a new job
and slowly started to disappear and Bryan, well.. he left and hasn't
expressed much interest in doing ALFS since then. (I still talk to him
on IRC now and then)

Now, the original Perl implementation (aka what's in CVS right now)
was only mean't to show off what could be done, i think it has done

And as i'm not particularly fond of perl (well any scripting language
when it becomes to application) i have no problem going with something
like C or C++.  I am more familiar with C++ thou and unless someone has a
problem with that it's what i'll problably be coding it in, but i don't
really mind either way, as i haven't coded in C++ in nearly a year, so i
have to relearn everything anyways.

Now, as ALFS is in reality nothing more then an XML Document/Definition
it shouldn't matter what language the implementation is written in, so
if someone wants to pick up the old Perl implementation (well,
there are two in reality, the one in ALFS's CVS or the one David was
working on which is online @ is more
then welcome too.

It would actually be really nice if someone could take over maintaining
the perl implementation for a little while, at least untill i can get a
working C/C++ implementation up and running.

(hrm.. i wish i had $50 to go get a nice O'Reilly book right now, i had
given away all my C/C++ programming manual's last year)

Now, lets get to profiles.

As some of you know, i've been writting my own profiles and putting them
in my CVS repository (
allthough most of those are getting old and are in dire need of being
updated, i also have a hole bunch which are sitting on my HD.

So, i'm going to create a new module in CVS called 'profiles' this is
akin to the LFS Hints as almost a subproject of ALFS. (so instead of
$CVSROOT/ALFS/profiles/ it will be $CVSROOT/profiles/)

I would like you guys to pitch in your thoughs about a way to organize
the profiles, such as;

            |-> base        (s/base/system/ even?)
            |    |-> 2.4.4
            |    |-> 3.0
            |-> console     (wget, cvs, etc) (s/console/utils/ even?)
            |-> libs        (zlib, openssl, etc)
            |-> X11         (xfree86, etc)
            |    |-> Gnome
            |    |-> KDE    (kdebase, kdesupport, etc)
            |-> daemons     (openssh, proftpd, etc)

Or something similar, this is just an example, i would however like to
keep it organized by subject/category as much as possible, if you have
any ideas, please post!

I have talked to Jason (whom was going to be the main Documentor) and he
has expressed interest again in helping write some documentation, we
really need to write proper XML syntax for the profiles, which i'm
hoping Gerard can help out here, as he is the resident DocBook XML wiz.

There's a few people that are allready writting profiles on IRC,
manaveru has been working on an E16 profiles (and E17) and roryo has been
doing a hole whack load of Gnome related profiles, so id like to get
this up and running ASAP and give out accounts.

We should setup a small set of guidelines for profile developers, but we
can get at that a little later.

This list (alfs-discuss) is now the general discussion/conversation,
developers channel and what not for ALFS, there is also the IRC
channel #ALFS on but for the most part,
anything that will affect ALFS should be brough up and discussed here on
the mailing list.

I know there are *quite* alot of lurkers on this list, if you ever
wanted to help out and found that you didn't know how (or were lost in
the mail over the months of idleness) please speak up, there is alot

Now that things have settled down in the community, i'm glad we can all
focus alot more on ALFS, we just need to become a little bit more
organized =)

We are in a sense... Starting From Scratch(tm), so stay tuned, i plan on
posting updates quite a lot more in the future.

*yawn* Ok...well, this should do for now, i didn't include everything i
wanted to talk about (we need to rewamp the website and bring it up to
date, etc) but it's a start.

PS, Would you guys like me to write and post an article about howto get
ALFS up and running right now? to give you an idea of what has happened
and what ALFS can do? I would post it on the LFS Community
(, if so.

Jesse Tie Ten Quee - highos at highos dot com
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