It's time to start, 3.0 ?

Jason Gurtz jason at
Thu Jun 7 09:27:34 PDT 2001

> Well,
> Two years ago I discover Linux, very good.
> One year ago I discover LFS, Terrific, 15 LFS builds after, I
> can't imagine using anything else.

You are not alone  :)

> This day I read everything on ALFS, and I want to start. But
> there is not many traffic on the alfs list.

yea, it's been slow, compounded by the recent server issues, etc...  :/

> I remember that last month, someone speak about an up to date
> profile. Maybe Jesse. It's not on alfs cvs. And I can't access
> Is there a good soul to send it to me. If I'm wrong I'll write a
> 3.0 profile from scratch...

	check out  This is all the most recent
stuff, including 'highos-profiles' which Jesse has worked very hard on.  I
can tell you the 2.4.4 profiles are very stable and work quite splendedly.
The last I heard, the 3.0-PRE profiles are working, but have couple of
things not quite right, so read through carefully before blindly jumping in.
;)  The 'ALFS-0.0.7.tar*' is the latest ALFS code, which differs from the
cvs in that it is client/server type app.  This means that the backend is
run seperatly and you run the front end as `frontend /path/to/profile.xml`.

	As the Documentation maintainer (I've been lax lately :/ )... uhm, well,
the instructions are in there IIRC, but be sure to post about things that
could be made easier to understand or things that are missing to alfs-docs.
This project is, IMHO, on the fence of moving from alpha to beta state, so
you've joined at a good time  :)



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