didbaba didbaba at free.fr
Sun Jul 22 06:59:44 PDT 2001

After writing a profile for building 3.0-cvs book, I try to go on and see what tag do we need... 
Is this work is helpful ??

I'm trying to write a profile for installing ppp. And want that the programme add some line to an allready existing modules.conf file.
Actually <textdump> juste create a file. I solve it temporarely with 
	<textdump file="/tmp/file">
	= blablbblbbbalalalla
	<system_command>echo `cat /tmp/file` >> /etc/modules.conf</system_command>

But I think we could add :

Name:        		Textdump           
Syntax:             <textdump></textdump>
Usage Mandatory:    No
Usage Notes:		The lines between tags must be preceded by an equal sign "="
					(because of indentation of the profile, and space).
					Be carreful file is erased before writting
					Use <dest>/path/to/your/file</dest> to know where the text
					must be dumped

Two solution to add text without erasing : 
	- A new tag "Textadd"
	- Add a tag <start /> or <end /> to dump at the end of the file or at the beginnig. 

Et voila,

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